Everyday/Neutral Look


Hey, beauties! As I was pretty bored, and had nothing to do, so I decided to just apply makeup and take selfies. but I also wanted to do a very simple, neutral and everyday look. so this is the way I basically do my makeup, when the weather is good or just for college.

                                                                    Products Used For This Look

                                                                   Maybelline: Big Lash Mascarra

                                                                   MUA Cosmetics: Plumping Lip Gloss in shade Buff

                                                                   MUA Cosmetics: Pressed Powder shade 2

                                                                   MUA Cosmetics: Powder Blush Candyfloss

                                                                  Eyeshades from L.A Colors

                                                                  Almay Blemish Heal Foundation

                                                                  Brushes by Sigma 


Almay Blemish Heal Foundation

Hey, everyone! The biggest nightmare for me is to find out that my favorite foundation is over!! Recently for at least 10 months I was using NARS Balancing Foundation and I really loved its consistency. However! it did make me feel a little heavy but with just a little bit of face powder, it was a pretty reasonable look.

But when that got over, I quickly ran to the nearest store to grab a good foundation, after trying lots of foundation, I decided on Almay’s Blemish Heal Foundation. For those of you who don’t know, Almay is a brand that claims at making hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin.


Honestly! this foundation is so light and it doesnt melt at all.. Isnt that what we all want.!! Although it doesnt do much coverage, but it does not make you feel cakey also. The best part is that it lasts all day long, only if the look is completed with a nice compact powder, which also lets the foundation to stay in place and give a shine free look.

Here is a picture of me, after applying the foundation: (and yes I’m a brunette)



Eye shades Haul: L.A Colors

All right girlies..!! I’m sure everyone has those crazy shopping days, every now and then and mine was today when I bought , not 1, not 2…But 4 eyeshades palettes from L.A Colors. 

L.A Colors is a USA based brand that has some pretty great colors and products too. So I was lucky enough to get my first purchase from the brand, and here is the HAUL and my review:



Dont they look just amazing..!!! Well the three small palettes are really pigmented and smooth with vibrant and shiny colors, and easily to keep in a pouch or a bag. The first one from Bottom is Stormy which have 5 colors and all are different shades of gray.

The second one has quite purplish colors and is called Wine & Roses, which also contains different shades of purple and a pearly white with purple undertones, which is great for applying on the brow bone as a highlighter.

And the third one , and my favorite one is Tea Time which has 5 different shades of golden and bronze which can be used on daily bases also. These palettes also come with two sided applicators, which is really handy

And the last one and the Bigger one is a palette which has 24 really vibrant colors, although some of them are’nt really pigmented, but on the other hand some of them have really intense shades. 

Overall I really liked it, and I hope to do a metallic look soon. So Follow me and stay updated for more reviews, hauls, swatches and looks.

Review: MUA Powder Blush.!!

Hey! Everyone!! So recently I have been using a lot of MUA products, because they happen to work  pretty good forme, as you know they have quite reasonable price, but they also provide great quality.

In this review, I will feature MUA Powder Blush in shade Candyfloss!!

MUA Blush Candyfloss

As you can see, the color in the picture seems a little too dark, but trust me it is a very nice gorgeous pink with lilac undertones.  These new blushes from Make Up Academy comes in 3 different shades; Bon Bon, Candyfloss and Cupcake.

These blushes are very easy to apply on those rosy cheeks, they give a very radiant pinky/peachy color to cheeks without making you look like cake.

I was able to get my hands on Candyfloss and trust me I really like it, It is a very subtle color, especially for those with a tanned skin color.

I really hope to buy the Cupcake shade,( it is on my bucketlist).. it is a very soft color for everyday use.

Avon Clearskin Professional

Hey, girlies! This is probably my second post in one day, maybe because I am so excited to share some great products with you that I really love and also because that I am getting such a good response from you all. 🙂 so Thank you !

In this post I’ll review two of my favorite Avon skincare products that I’ve been using for a long time and I absolutely love them!


1) Avon Clear skin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub is such a great scrub/mask that I am ready to repurchase it in a heartbeat! The scrub contains 0.50% Salicylic acid which is an amazing ingredient that fights against acne.

For me the product is amazing, it totally suits my blemished and oily skin.  when I first applied the scrub it was extremely cold to my skin, after washing it, I literally felt that I was rubbing ice on my skin. After letting it dry naturally (without any tissue or towel) my skin felt so soft and oil free.  Infact I could also see my pimples reducing. O t has a thick consistency and I really recommend you to try this scrub. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


2) My second purchase was the Clear skin Professional Toner Pads. This small little box contains 45 Pads. These are easy to use and have some great results also. Whether you have heavy makeup or light, these pads will easily clear away all the makeup and leave the skin clean. however I do recommend to wash the skin with a good Facewash after using the pads to wash away all the chemical completely.


Surprise Mail From MUA

Hey, all you gorgeous ladies out there..!! I know I have’nt done a review in few days, But I’m BACK!!

Recently I participated in MUA Cosmetics Biggest Giveaway which is open after every 1000 likes on Facebook.

and Luckily I won one of their Plumping Lip Gloss in shade BUFF..!!! So I decided to give a small review of it.


Firstly, I just loved the Color, it is the perfect color I was craving for. ans I also never expected the gloss to be this BIG!!

The wand is so smooth and easy to handle. Not just that, but the color actually grabbed my attention, It is a very nude lip color with a great amount of shine and gloss to it. I can simply use it with my everyday look + the color stays for a long time.