Eye shades Haul: L.A Colors

All right girlies..!! I’m sure everyone has those crazy shopping days, every now and then and mine was today when I bought , not 1, not 2…But 4 eyeshades palettes from L.A Colors. 

L.A Colors is a USA based brand that has some pretty great colors and products too. So I was lucky enough to get my first purchase from the brand, and here is the HAUL and my review:



Dont they look just amazing..!!! Well the three small palettes are really pigmented and smooth with vibrant and shiny colors, and easily to keep in a pouch or a bag. The first one from Bottom is Stormy which have 5 colors and all are different shades of gray.

The second one has quite purplish colors and is called Wine & Roses, which also contains different shades of purple and a pearly white with purple undertones, which is great for applying on the brow bone as a highlighter.

And the third one , and my favorite one is Tea Time which has 5 different shades of golden and bronze which can be used on daily bases also. These palettes also come with two sided applicators, which is really handy

And the last one and the Bigger one is a palette which has 24 really vibrant colors, although some of them are’nt really pigmented, but on the other hand some of them have really intense shades. 

Overall I really liked it, and I hope to do a metallic look soon. So Follow me and stay updated for more reviews, hauls, swatches and looks.


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