Avon Clearskin Professional

Hey, girlies! This is probably my second post in one day, maybe because I am so excited to share some great products with you that I really love and also because that I am getting such a good response from you all. 🙂 so Thank you !

In this post I’ll review two of my favorite Avon skincare products that I’ve been using for a long time and I absolutely love them!


1) Avon Clear skin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub is such a great scrub/mask that I am ready to repurchase it in a heartbeat! The scrub contains 0.50% Salicylic acid which is an amazing ingredient that fights against acne.

For me the product is amazing, it totally suits my blemished and oily skin.  when I first applied the scrub it was extremely cold to my skin, after washing it, I literally felt that I was rubbing ice on my skin. After letting it dry naturally (without any tissue or towel) my skin felt so soft and oil free.  Infact I could also see my pimples reducing. O t has a thick consistency and I really recommend you to try this scrub. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


2) My second purchase was the Clear skin Professional Toner Pads. This small little box contains 45 Pads. These are easy to use and have some great results also. Whether you have heavy makeup or light, these pads will easily clear away all the makeup and leave the skin clean. however I do recommend to wash the skin with a good Facewash after using the pads to wash away all the chemical completely.



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